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Comments and Feed-back of more than 50,000 users.

Trecone has a customer satisfaction level of 88%, which improves daily

About our business solutions:

“The best is that every employee gets involve in cost management in real time”

“Trecone helps us to keep cost at the bay and to manage security of mobile fleet. It has just what we need and is making management much easier for us”

“We’ve lowered the monthly expense and the surprise invoice has virtually disappeared. We have also simplify the management and educate each employee to make a conscious use.”

About our apps for families and SMEs:

“Easy to use and straight to the point! With Family Locator in 15 seconds I know where my kids are. ”

“Better than any other app to locate people. It doesn’t share location, but gives you the location of other phones.”
“We already had an expensive fleet monitoring software, but this system is the one providing me a powerful employee monitoring tool instantly from my phone.”

About our apps for cost control:

“A good tool for the economy and information. I recommend it”

“Excellent. Very useful for keeping track of my spending not having to do anything but opening it. ”
“This is truly an app that everyone should have. Useful, elegant, reliable and simple. I like it. ”

Trecone is leader in developing ICT mobility solutions

  and participates in various R & D projects that have received funding from the EU.

Below there’s a list of the project leaded by Trecone:


Telecom Services Social Comparator.

Creation of new methods and Big Data analysis processes, to obtaining algorithms and create models of user phone consumption profiles, due to determine the optimum applicable based on actual records

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Plataforma Inretel

Platform and App to make Joint Consumer Complaints to telecom carriers.

Research Project to obtain a new methodology and an ICT prototype to process consumer join claims of telecommunications services.

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