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optimize your apps strategies

Get access to competitor, sector and market apps intelligence.

Stay ahead of the competition

Learn more about your app users but also about your competitors’ users. Find out how to acquire and retain users, make decisions based on real opportunities and threats and optimize your ROI.
data and insigths
  • App Intelligence
  • Usage Intelligence
  • User Experience Intelligence
  • Store Intelligence

more than 1.2 million apps from 50 different sectors

What is the value of our data?

With our data you will maximize the intelligence of your app  users, your competition in the sector, and trends in the market, considerably improving your strategic analysis of the mobile channel.
Increase knowledge of your sector and competition
  • Discover the penetration of each app in the sector.
  • Know the percentage of active users per app.
  • And the app average usage.
Analyze the threats in your sector
  • Categorize your user and your competitors’ users through installed sector apps.
  • Measure the loyalty of your users.
  • Discover threats and take corrective actions in time.
Identify trends and opportunities
  • Discover the trends in your market, and new apps.
  • Identify your users’ affinities in the adoption of these new apps.
  • Develop appropriate collaboration, acquisition or marketing strategies.

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