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Join developers from around the world who are growing and monetizing their apps through an Trecone partnership – ad-free, pop-up free and with expert help from our customer support team. Unlike other app partner programs, we compensate based on monthly active users (MAU) and do not require minimum MAU thresholds.

About the program

Our program only requires to embed the SDK, monetize it, and keep it as long as you want. We want to build relations based on trust.

Strict data privacy policy

We collect data related to mobile network experience and we adhere to a strict Privacy Policy. Read more about Our Data Privacy.

No advertising targeting or re-selling data

We do not use the data we collect from partners for any form of advertising targeting nor would we share the data with anyone who does. Our business model is based on providing aggregate insights on mobile network experience and mobile market trends, not on any personalized tracking.

No impact on user experience and app performance

Running in the background, our SDK has zero impact on user experience and app performance and keeps battery and data consumption impact to the very minimum.

Available for Android Only

Our SDK is fully compliant with Google guidelines and policies.
Fully GDPR compliant.
We are fully compliant with the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Minimal personal data collection

The only data we collect from our partners is location-based network quality and diagnostic information, such as signal strength, connection errors, device or app information.
We do not collect any demographic information and are very transparent with users on what we do with the data.

Make money and keep your business as usual

And the most important point, make money and keep your app business as usual.